Bring that little "extra" βœ¨πŸ’«

It's the little things that count… Thinking about how just a smile or a cheery hello can lift your day… how a pretty handbag or a bit of bling can add to an outfit.

How the little word sale can create havoc… there's all that going on with us this week. Truth be told it has been a weird week, and I was wondering how to say something about our new accessories, and full leather handbags that have just arrived, and I'm trying to smile when I've got a sore knee and hand from falling down some steps, and just now I realised it's actually the little things (except Diane would say there's nothing little about my work handbag!)

I guess I'm reminding myself of the difference between Ordinary and Extraordinary is that little β€œextra” … that's what great handbags or accessories bring, " that little extra"… and so does a Smile or Friendly Hello!


Elm Fundamentals V Tee Lavender Elm Fundamentals V Tee Navy
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Lani Necklace Yellow
Jenniene Necklace Rose Gold Lani Necklace Yellow
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Leather Backpack Black L208
Leather Backpack Black L208 Β Gelato Kyro Wedge Sneaker White