Great chat

It's been fun seeing friends as they’ve passed thru on road trips, and holidays.

Catching up the events of the year and having a laugh at the magnitude of some of it.

One friend said “man you’ve got great work stories"

We’d been sharing the lady dropping her bag of P along with the pants she was trying to steal, even though she managed to take 2 tops, the police informed us her P was worth more, the guy who put a hat down the front of his track pants and the ultimate of all - the guy running out the door with the 29 singlets!

By that stage, I was ready to change the subject, My work stories used to be about the next course or the last course happening, or where we were headed to next. I'm pleased that we can laugh about the year in retrospect and I'm looking forward to creating new work stories this year. Starting with Gabriels smudging into summer sale. You’ll find the little red sale tag attached to the top of the hanger…It's that part of the summer that is meant to be hot but since it's not I thought it would be helpful to have a little inspiration.

See you soon…


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