It's a classic

As June’s arrived the Mornings are now dark at 6… and as it becomes light there show all the shades of grey, we know of winter mornings.  They become white as the frost settles its bright white sheet on the ground, or the winter white of the fog as a duvet over us, we are heard to mutter “it’s a Classic Waikato Morning”.  It took my thoughts to what’s really classic? My immediate thought was Black and White, and that instantly triggered my Granny Cook memories. She absolutely wore Black and White, it didn’t wear her, she was a Classic, dressed up for Town and Church, taught me what the little fork was for and what pretty is… and Yes we have that beautifully represented in the shop this winter too.

Merino Top Black Vassalli Black and White scarf

Long Sleeve Crew Neck Merino 4241 Black

Buket Knit Scarf Soya Concept


Black & White top Lemon Tree Clothing

Handbag Black White

Lara Top & Singlet - Black

Miss Serenade Scarlett Tote Bag Black Multi


Dr Feet Slipper black and white

Black and White Blouse

Harriet Dr Feet Felt Wool Slipper Black/Multi

Falling Leaves Print long sleeve Tee Yarra Trail