It's like a Rainbow 🌈

I got caught out watching the closing ceremony of the World Games in the shop on Monday, I was having a proud Mumma moment as my daughter was spotted onscreen entering the stadium. A customer’s children asked what I was watching so I showed them… the wee girl said "oh it's all like a Rainbow” followed by that looks like a fun place. I had some still shots Morgan had sent me too so I showed them those and the boy said β€œThe sushi I just had for lunch was better than that"… while his sister said those girls are pretty… Out of the mouths of babes I thought… It's all how you see things.

I looked around the shop when they left and thought β€œit's time to kick this SALE up a gear reduce some more garments and put the clothing into size breaks… Which usually assaults my sense of tidy and calm, but this time as I looked about I decided to see the Rainbow instead 🌈

I also want to take this Opportunity and Celebrate the 1st Birthday of Midnight Ivy - our Lingerie, Night, and Swimwear Sister shop - to celebrate its first year we are giving you the gifts in store… so pop in and check out our Birthday deals πŸŽ‚ 🎁 πŸŽ‰


Vagamann Patriss Brown Multi Maciejka Burgandy Mix Boot 5102
Β  Β 
Fly London Ragi Shamrock Green Via Nova - Lawn Heel Boot - Navy
Β Β 
Helium Corentin Black Boot Rilasarre Tsubo Sneaker Black