It's the simple things

It's the simple things, right? The rain on the roof (especially when the tanks empty), it's a smile or a wave from someone, It's a cuddle from the cat when you feel like it not her, a please or thank you, the giggle of a child…

And nice warm feet! It's that snuggle up time of the year when the glow of a night fire and a great mulled wine or hot chocolate become added to “the simple things to enjoy". I've found another simple thing too - our Columbine merino sox and hosiery, the new merino anklets knee highs and sox are amazing! So go on add some spice or marshmallows and treat yourself to some warm simple pleasures.


Merino Wool Socks

Noble Wilde Full Merino Possum Glove

Travel Shawl Frost Z&P

Buket Knit Scarf Soya Concept

ugg boots

Shaped Hooded Jacket Black Merino

UGG Button Boot Walnut