Missing in Action πŸ˜„πŸ˜Š

I feel like I've been MIA these last 2 weeks… I haven’t really but my butt has been placed at the end of my desk more than my feet on the floor in the shop. I'm not really a sitting person! Placing orders for next Summer after 2 weeks picking out beautiful shoes and clothing for next year has got me excited for all the lovely colour out there, and receiving orders and doing the entering of them for the approaching Autumn Winter…has got me appreciating the lovely colours for these coming months. It's so refreshing to have colour around us as the seasons change.

We just got the beautiful Z&P Knitwear, it's so well made and has really cool quirky bits to make it special, some of this has gone directly from the box so that's exciting. Also, you may have seen the madness of Adriana filming me with our new season Blackstone tops, these are fun and layer back perfectly with the Vassalli jackets that arrived, so all in all it's been a crazy week again in the world of Gabriels Fashions ... Oh I should mention there are stunning boots that came yesterday too! πŸ€—πŸ₯°


Winter Garden Arizona Top Newport Pocket Pull Over Hot Pink Z&P
Β  Β 
Cropped Biker Jacket Tiger
Fun Plaited Knit Z&P Pine Combo Cropped Biker Jacket Tiger
Β  Β 
Elm Mazie Sweat Fundamentals Bubble Gum Pink Β Tinato Sneaker Boot Vapor