Outta gas

I was stroking the new dressing gowns in at Midnight Ivy the other day. These are really nice I said to Robyn. You should treat yourself she said. Why not I thought, my day off is looking like rain and I need a stop and recharge day. It’ll be perfect to make me stop and flop - snuggle up and watch some movies…. Husband and I have been pulling the weekend shifts and grabbing a day off midweek. So with new dressing gown, the rain and the helpers (cat and dog) I curled up totally outta gas to recharge. 2 great movies later, we were recharged and out for a walk - rain and all! I love our merino and casual gear for that, especially our beautiful Newport Red tops and Moss Jacket Cardie, it's also a colour that fills my tank. After last week's Blues it's the week for Ruby Red❣️

Moss Perry Jacket/Longline Jacket Elm Double Cross Crew Scarlet
Newport Hudson Pocket Hoodie Newport Hudson Top Scarlet
Newport Mackenzie Merino Cardigan Newport Toledo Suedette Jacket Rust