Runs in 3’s

It's been a whirlwind few days - but the consistent thing has been proud Mumma moments…

Friday night we attended the book launch for Big Brads book, he’s been one of my boys since he started coaching our kids wakeboarding, we knew he could be a “rat bag” and we knew he had a very colourful side, but we claimed him, and him us. It was devastating the day we landed in the states to be with him, that he broke his neck and is now a quadriplegic. We have a history, and now we have a story. His book - owning it, has had Husbands nose in since we got our copy. The publisher said, in her speech “is there anything this guy can’t do?” of which Brad promptly said “Walk” Of course the room erupted and I did feel publisher's embarrassment.

She recovered well and we continued celebrating the achievement of writing a book, one letter at a time by mouth, 1st proud moment… Saturday as we gathered to celebrate Nephews 21st… Proud Mumma moment as my sister and I congratulated ourselves on getting our children this far safely, 2nd moment. We return home to discover my Brad child has won most improved rugby player at prize giving, proud moment 3… It just keeps getting better, …as does the new season stock in the shop… Getting back in there this morning I see the girls have made it look so pretty, beautiful new colours and exciting new styles we can’t wait to share with you… See you soon.

Mi Moso Nora Cotton Jeans - White Vassalli 7/8 Elastic Waist Pants 5790 Sand 
Mi Moso Nora Cotton Jeans - White Vassalli 7/8 Elastic Waist Pants 5790 Sand
Elm Block Stripe SS Tee - NavyWhite Adine Undone Knit Cesu Top - Grey Silver
Elm Block Stripe S/S Tee - Navy/White Adine Undone Knit Cesu Top - Grey/ Silver
Elm GiGi Tired Midi Dress - Black
Elm GiGi Tired Midi Dress - Black Soft Pocket Linen Dress Riviera Blue (note shown in Navy)