simple as

"There's a rather big list I have right now” I said to husband. “Just do it 1 thing at a time" he replied… "pfft of course, it's just the order in which to attack them is the issue"… insurance claims, police reports, Christmas rosters, getting in food...
That was the pillow talk this morning at around 4.30am.
What's with the full moon meeting the rising sun and the birds all getting going at that hour?? I'm an early raiser, but that was a bit too early even for me!
We decided that we needed to keep the next 3 weeks simple… Nothing extra, just one task after the other and if it's not on the list… it's not happening - how’s that for simple?
On Saturday a lovely lady came into the shop and had a notebook with her lists, and she was ticking each person off, as she shopped, and as she made her choices she smiled more and more… "Simple as that", she declared after she’d sorted the last item… "and that's how it's done”.
I looked around the shop and thought yes it's simple to sort easy summer dress, a great pair of sandals… and as it's the Season to be Jolly let's celebrate Red. That colour that often makes you feel strong, the colour that you go when you blush, the colour that's a simple primary colour…

Newport Margot Linen Dress Bouquet Print Newport Capri Plain Dress- Dusky Rose
Newport Felicity Viscose Print Dress
Newport Christina Dress Sunset Paisley Newport Felicity Viscose Print Dress
Cabello Admire Sandals - Red
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