As the day began Grey yesterday it certainly didn’t end that way… Vassalli SPRING,🌻 Soya Concept and Z&P SUMMER 🌞🌸arrived in the shop!!

🤪 The Colours are amazing, 💕 and it was certainly fun to unpack the boxes and check out what we have! On Monday lovely new shoes arrived that casual just put on in-between season shoe, that's perfect for happy and naughty feet! They are great value at $110. and $115 for the leather zip and lace sneaker. 

My heart did a flip and my tummy rolled at the change in levels, I know its crazy times but that shouldn’t stop us appreciating the pretty that's going on around us… The Lovely blossoms are bursting out and the daffodils too. We would love to see you in-store but I appreciate that is sometimes difficult, So give us a couple of days then check out all our new pretties online. I already have a few favourites, AND Winter clothing is now $99 and under.


Elm Alicia Swing Hoody - Navy Forever Top - Navy

Elm Alicia Swing Hoody - Navy

Forever Top - Navy

Sneaker Leather Aaron - DenimEspadrille Opera CC Resorts - Navy

Sneaker Leather Aaron - Denim

Espadrille Opera CC Resorts - Navy