Stumbling blocks or stepping stones

I spent a little time in the garden over the weekend. As I clambered about the rocks in the pond that holds no water, the reality of current life hit me. These rocks were in my way, and not how I want them exactly, a bit hard and non-negotiable, lots I couldn’t see. I certainly couldn’t move thru them. So because I had fallen down, I sat there with a little bit of a sulk on, (ok I admit I was feeling pretty angry and frustrated) I decided I needed to attack them in a different way. Turn the stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

Yes, I realise that's rather profound. Pity parties aren’t my thing, nor are stones in the pit of my stomach. SO Stepping stones they will need to be and move on!

Maybe this was happening because I was distracted with work - What steps to take next there, how to manage shops packed with new stock no one can try on, a young team needing work hrs, lockdowns and masks.

The calendar tells me it's not many weeks now till Gabriels Anniversary and our traditional Client Evening, Thanksgiving (you know it's a thing of mine cause of our American time) and the slippery slope to Christmas… SO because I'm also a planner and we all need something fun to look forward to I'm on it… It's time to set a cunning plan in place - or the STEPPING Stones to survive. Give me a week, I'll be all over it and you’ll be the first to know!

In the meantime check out our new new new and fingers crossed next week we can be face to face. Remember though we are always open at and we are doing a few hours 10am-2pm at the shop weekdays in level 3 that you can swing by to collect.


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