Fresh year, fresh dreams 🎢🚲

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life… for me… and I'm feeling good…

Don't know why, but that song popped into my head the other afternoon as we were bike riding (I'm not even keen on Michael Buble's songs) it turns out this one can play in my head without me even asking for it. So I embraced the moment and went "Hell yes bring it 2021!” Biked back up the hill and had an ice cream. We also checked out Kawhia on the stat days, had great fish n chips there too. 😲 Haven’t we got a stunning area to explore and with such warm days? Let's be kind to ourselves this year, so what I've gone up a size, 🀭I've decided as long as I'm feeling good, it's a new day, a new life and I'm going to make the most of it.😜

Wanna join me? Fresh year, Fresh dreams… fun colours in store for the stunning days ahead… Let's have some summer fun.

summer look 01

Berlin White/Protea Top
NZD 87.00

7/8 Skinny Jeans 5907 Sky
NZD 169.00


Cocktail Wedge Jandal

NZD 105.00

Β  Β 
summer look 02

Berlin Protea Print Top
NZD 145.60

Hem Detail Pant Navy
NZD 139.00

Zulu Zip/Lace Sneaker White
NZD 190.00

Β  Β 
summer look 03 Jamie Top Rose
NZD 89.95

Lemon Tree Capri Pants
NZD 129.90

Josie Heel Rose Gold
NZD 205.20
Β Β  Β Β 
summer look 04 Cassis Top/Blouse Rose
NZD 89.95

Skinny Leg 7/8 Black 271LW
NZD 137.80

Seaward Summer Heel
NZD 170.00