The Golden Hour πŸŒ€πŸŒ™

Have you ever tried to walk a little fluffy Black dog in the dark?

I once read the hour before sun up and the hour of sunset was referred to as the Golden hour… Just going to say it didn't feel like that Monday morning… but by this morning the birds had got the memo and the beauty of daybreak was restored. The helpers (Lilly Dog and Lacey Cat) were also back on track with their early morning antics, and once the cat stopped bossing the dog, I actually took a moment to sit with her and watch the morning gain light. It reminded me of when my babies woke in the wee hours and I sat feeding them thinking I was the only person up at that hour. I'd look out at the dark peace and quiet… Nowadays I know differently, there's lots of people up according to the lights dotted across the valley, although now it's 6am and back then it was likely 4am feeding. This mornings feeding just involved the helpers... Cat was helping herself to Dogs crackers, Dog started on Cat crackers only to be bossed away, for Cat to then have her own crackers… funny for me to watch but also reminded me of that other saying… What's yours is mine and what's mine is mine…
Thankfully I'm not feeling like that about all the pretty things we just got in the shop yesterday. 6 Cartons of shoe boxes, new Yarra Trail, Givoni, Bittermoon pants, Vivid pants, and Newport tops… however this certainly isn’t a case of what's mine is mine… it's all there ready to share! 🐢🐱 You might remember the Vivid and Bittermoon pants from last year, cotton, with pockets, and stretch and we ran out really fast because they were so awesome! People were getting them in each colour.


Newport Reese Printed Blouse
Newport Leigh Top Crimson/Red
Newport Reese Printed Blouse Newport Leigh Top Crimson/Red
Vivid Cotton Tee Black Lines
Vivid Cotton Tee Blue Mix
Vivid Cotton Tee Black Lines Vivid Cotton Tee Blue Mix
Β Β 
Newport Cody Shorts Black
Classified DelMar Linen Skirt Black
Newport Cody Shorts Black Β Classified DelMar Linen Skirt Black