Week of remembrance ❀️🌹

It's the week of remembrance, its red week, poppy week, the week we show respect to those who gave then, for us to now have now, it's the week we make wreaths, and it's the week I rememberer my Nana, it's her birthday 25th April. She was that wise old owl that looked over us, and I'm sure she still does, but more to her nature, to me she’s the little fantail that flits along with me and our dog when I'm walking around our lake. I wanted to write something about our new vests that had arrived this week and joke about being all puffed up… These vests are so handy, right, to give that added layer but not over heat you, to just add to the warmth during the changes of season, it's funny how as I walked I was thinking all this and noticed the fantail following, and that I was in fact wearing a vest, (not our pretty ones but an old boat favourite) and figured I was just living it true. I'm going to make a wreath again this year, just to remember, and I might sneak a new vest for me… SO if it's an extra layer you’re after we have LOADS this year!

Givoni Quilted Vest Navy Givoni Rockford Long Sleeve Tee
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Montreal Long Sleeve Blouse Givoni Secret Garden Blouse Yarra Trail
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Rippled Stripe Knit Yarra Trail