Whats not to love

Oh my, the times are a changing in my house. Once upon a time I loved to decorate the Christmas tree, of course we made family traditions and the children thought they were helping, when in fact I had engineered the tree decorating so they were busy playing guitar with the husband, and singing Christmas songs and while they were distracted I put the decorations just where I wanted… and if they did “help” Id just fix it later. They all had their special thing they did for the tree. Boy kid cut it down, Girl kid put the star on top and husband did the lights. Sunday - Girl kid did the whole tree, after all she’s watched the Mumma do it for her 25yrs. Text from girlfriend on Sunday “what are you doing?” Response “Watching Morgan put up and decorate the Christmas tree and keeping my mouth SHUT” back at me “oh my 😳😬🤣🤣🤣🤣” an hour later girlfriend - “Are you ok Fay?” Me " 🥰 She’s done good” It's looking pretty, girl kid is happy, the lights are twinkling, and it's time to get festive… Although this season might not be so black and white. It’s odd to be in Nov 30th and Field Days week - but some traditions still remain, it's raining and chilly😱

So let the festivities begin… I found a project tree for me to do… Watch this space… Mean While back in Gabriels I was feeling our pretty White with Black, such a classic easy go to… add a pop of colour with the very lovely summer sandals that just arrived… We’ll see you soon.

Democracy Petra Top - Black /White  Democracy Lulu Spot Skirt -Black/White Spot
Democracy Petra Top Black White Democracy Lulu Spot Skirt Black White Spot
Duo Daniella Spot Print Black/White Dress Democracy Rochelle Border Hem Top
Duo Daniella Spot Print Black/White Dress Democracy Rochelle Border Hem Top
Mi Moso Shirred Top - White duo-avena-shorts-black-ndu26649
Mi Moso Shirred Top - White Duo Avena Shorts Black