Where’s your happy place? 😍

What’s a holiday? Is it just a change in what you’re doing on a daily basis or is it going and hanging out in a different place? I’m at our cottage this week, it’s our happy place, it's where friends and family gather, it's where my children have grown into adults and it's where I get to have a cuppa tea from my bed in the morning and see the lake water down the road.Β 

I don’t have to be anywhere by a set time. I can see the funny side as I’ve also got the best office desk view as we work our way through this beautiful Tuesday, Warren just saidΒ "isn’t this the best way to work??"Β And I just repliedΒ "I’m nearly done so I can start my holiday"Β "pfft"Β he replied…

I think it’s time for me to go check out the water… You enjoy checking out the lovely new Elm I’ve just finished loading into the shop, very cool pants and Tees, I love the new fabrics and colours!


Elm Let Loose Jogger Washed Black Shine Bright Tee Vintage White
Β  Β 
Elsie Knit Navy Elm Florence Pant Pink
Β  Β 
Shine Bright Tee Navy Fundamental Brunch Pant NavyΒ