Hide and Seek

Now you see it, Now you don’t?

I feel like Im writing a newsletter, something I gave up in my first life! However- Must knows following.

Looking for where the Bras and Undies went? ... They are in Gabriels, hiding in plain sight.

How about the best ever nightwear? Yes that's in Gabriels also, and if you are an XL or XXL you're seriously in luck even spoiled for choice - and seeking a bargain at 30% off you’re on the win still!

We are doing our best to have them not hiding away, so please just ask and we will grab the pretties out, but if you can't get in store.

The underwear is now also available online, and while on special use the discount code LINGERIE30 for the 30% discount when you check out.

If you are after a bra fitting the days Margaret is in store she’s got the special skills to fit you, and moving forward we will likely do special bra fitting days by appointment with Robyn… if there's a demand.

If this is a service you would make use of please flick me a reply in here so we can gage if it's really something you ladies would make use of.

And if it's a SALE you are seeking Clothing and Boots are still on sale at 30% off - some items are even more discounted, (except Denim, and Possum Merino) sorry only in store.

And no, socks, stockings, handbags and scarfs aren’t clothing, they're Accessories, but you know that. 😉

As there's never a dull moment the buy for next winter has began, and it's exciting to see that many of the colours and shapes are still showing for next winter… I know right, hardly at this one and Im shopping for next… so make the most of my J month madness it’ll be over before you know it. See you in store soon.