Know when to fold em

Know when to walk away, know when to run… I found myself singing this to chickens a few days ago, apparently it helps them lay. Not sure if Im completely “round the bend” as Nana used to say, but Im clearly getting close to it. However I don't do birds, but doing this song in a hen house actually reminded me I'm not chicken myself. The song choice however, how did that pop up? Well I guess that's subconsciousness.

It's been with a heavy heart that we have decided to move Midnight Ivy from its own space/shop/address, and merging it into Gabriels and online.

It's extremely sad to have had the hard conversations and realise a “knickers and Bras" shop in Cambridge is a slow burn. Sadly too slow and too burn in these economic times for us as a stand alone business. So on the 24th June we merge into Gabriels (more info on that next week).

I'm so proud to have had Robyn, Julie and Margaret on the Midnight Ivy journey with us, and am so thankful they have been the perfect fit. I know people have loved their experiences, as they kindly tell me so, and how wonderful the ladies in there are. Im going to miss both Robyn and Julie on our team very much (if you need an amazing team member Robyn or Julie could be a fabulous fit for you too).

Meanwhile Gabriels has plenty of pretty to keep us all happy… See you soon.